Precision Jewelry Design, Inc.
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Precision Jewelry Design creates custom jewelry using specifically designed software. Pieces are created in 3D and changed in real time based on your input and decisions. A detailed photo realistic 3D image that can be used for customer design approvals is generated. This 3D design can be made into a dimensionally accurate wax model ready for casting, stone setting, finishing, and delivery. A truly custom jewelry design experience; We specialize in designing and consulting of engagement rings, wedding bands, matching bands, fashion rings, pendants and other custom designs. 3-Dimensional software is exclusively used for the entire design, any alterations with existing CAD designs, drafts and renderings. We pride ourselves on complete jeweler, retailer and customer satisfaction, providing dependable service, and building strong industry relationships.

Wax prototypes are milled with the a Multiple-Axis Milling System. This system is designed specifically for the jewelry industry so the designed piece can be precisely milled and made ready for casting. Rapid Prototyping is the best method of creating precise jewelry models directly from the 3D CAD data. By using this system, jewelry design models can be made fast, precise, and very cost effective. With our in-house equipment, we can cast your model in platinum, gold or silver, set, polish and have the complete finished piece quickly ready for you or your customer.

Platinum, Gold and Silver is cast by our centrifical or vacuum casting equipment. We use the highest quality investment with proven burnout cycles to yield excellent casting results. Send us your Rapid Prototype Model or CAD data file and we will cast it for you. Pricing is determined by the current market value of precious metals and weights of the cast piece as well as quantity.

Setting and finishing of jewelry designs are completed by our team of skilled professionals and artisans with many years of education and experience in the jewelry industry. Our team of skilled professionals can set your design with the latest setting techniques and styles.